Shine Experiences

A Shine Experience

Sparked by the dreams of a young person living with severe physical disabilities, a Shine Experience helps young people aged 11 – 21 think differently about their future, imagine new possibilities, and develop a sense of purpose that can last a lifetime.

Our program helps them gain confidence and see themself differently as someone who can vs. someone who can’t. We help lay the foundation to change the trajectory of their life.

Read life-changing Shine stories below:

Marielle's sense of purpose

Eighteen-year-old Marielle grew up facing social and physical challenges from living with a severe physical disability characterized by stiff and weak muscles. She had been feeling depressed, unmotivated, and uncertain about her future.

Veronica Takes to the Water

When Veronica first spoke with Shine, she dreamed about having a chipped tooth repaired which was damaged in an accident when she was younger. The chip had long affected her confidence and self esteem.