Changing 400 lives in only 20 hours

It was 4 AM on Tuesday, December 11th, 2019. The Vancouver  International Airport began to fill with 70 Shine participants, hundreds of yellow t-shirts, and a mix of excitement and nervousness. Today, Marco’s job was to use his life-learned experience to help Dean and Walker, who live with a severe physical disability just like him.

But why Marco? Back in 1995, Marco took part in a Shine DreamLift as a child and strongly believes that it impacted his life. Now a motivational speaker and accessibility consultant in  Vancouver, he shares his belief that a positive outlook has the power to change others’ perceptions. 

These two boys, ages 7 and 9, were at a critical stage in their development and understanding of how their abilities affect their lives. Shine knew that pairing them with a positive,  successful role model like  Marco and other kids with interests just like them would give them the confidence boost they needed. 

The day at Disney was seamless. The boys had the opportunity to take charge and lead their day. Dean’s interest in Star Wars and fast-moving rides and Walker’s eagerness to try new things played to each other’s strengths. 

“To show [the boys] that I was an adult with a disability and  together we could go to Disney independently, experience the rides we wanted, and just enjoy a time where we weren’t thinking about HOW we were going to make things happen, brought out a confidence in both boys that I’ll never forget.”  - Marco.

Thanks to supporters like you, the futures of the kids, their families, and the community is enriched with new possibilities and a brighter future.

With your help, Dean, Walker, and even Marco’s lives have been changed. Thank you!

Right now we are working on plans for the next Shine DreamLift. You can support a Flight Package or Disney Tickets here.

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