Corbett's Computer

Fifteen-year-old Corbett is an avid fan of technology. As a triplet living with cerebral palsy, he loves getting his brothers involved in making short videos and spends his quiet time editing, coding, and reading about world history. He has a positive outlook on using a wheelchair and accompanies that with a ‘never give up’ attitude.

Corbett plans on growing his passion and wants to be a history teacher one day. His Shine Experience was a request to upgrade his limited Chrome Book (laptop) for a fully equipped PC to help him continue his studies, pursue post-secondary education, and use better video editing and gaming software.

Shine surprised Corbett with a presentation over the summer at his home in Melbourne, ON. Corbett’s family, and selected Shine supporters watched his excitement as he opened some of his new computer accessories, Go Pro camera, and books. He couldn’t stop smiling that day.

Corbett cherished his Shine Experience and after setting up his PC, he framed his ‘Shine Day’ card to sit beside his desk. Over the summer, he coded a video game all by himself and even used his Go Pro on a trip with his dad and one brother. He feels very fortunate to have a ‘level up’ on his peers with his new tech gear.

His mom shares that the support they received from the community was profound: “He felt so loved and overwhelmingly cared about by people who don't know him. To have a life that will certainly have its challenges made easier thanks to you, is a truly appreciated gesture. Thank you for making this dream and how it made him feel, unforgettable.”

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