Courage to Live Her Best Life: Kolby's Shine Experience

When the Shine team first met Kolby, she was a young teenager living with a heart condition who literally carried the ‘power’ to her heart in her handbag. Kolby was the first child in North America to receive a HeartWare device, a battery-powered machine that pumped her heart. Because of this machine and other health concerns, Kolby didn’t experience much independence. Her parents were afraid to let her out of their sights.

But all that changed in 2011 when Kolby went on a Shine DreamLift, thanks to your support.

A future of possibilities
DreamLift was something Kolby could do because of the decades of support Shine has established with medical professionals.

Your support means kids can experience independence
“I do believe, from the parents’ perspective, that Shine was just the start of her independence. It opened up doors that we never thought we’d have,” Kolby’s mom Aileen describes.

At Disneyland Resort®, Kolby went everywhere, exploring all of the shops and the best rides. She was having so much fun that her group was the last to leave the park!

Shine cares
Kolby’s experience is exactly why Shine puts so much detail and care into making customized experiences possible. And it’s only because of you that dreams come true.

We are grateful to every volunteer, donor and business partner who believes in the life-changing power of Shine Programs.

Kolby’s life today
Now seven years later, Kolby has had a successful heart transplant. And, although she has lost her sight, she’s determined to live a happy life.

For Kolby that means studying science at her local college, being a mentor with the CNIB and Blind Beginnings, and traveling on her own across North America. This is a future she never dared imagine before DreamLift.

“I’ll never forget how great it felt to know I could have a ‘normal’ teenage experience away from my home and parents. It gave me so much confidence! Thank You!” - Kolby

Thank you for giving Kolby the courage to live her best life.

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