Daniel’s Mac Studio Brings Confidence

Twenty-year-old Daniel lives with cerebral palsy and loves video editing. Editing was the first thing he excelled at and quickly discovered a talent of teaching others his craft. Heading into University last fall, Daniel hoped for the right equipment to help him reach his goals and succeed at school. 

The Shine Foundation changed Daniel’s life by fulfilling his interest in a Mac Studio computer. Not only did he receive a Mac Studio, but he was gifted a gaming monitor, wireless mouse, wireless keyboard, and Apple Care for his device. 

As Daniel began to navigate a new and challenging chapter in his life, he shared with Shine that his Mac Studio gives him 30 minutes of relaxation every day. “The Mac Studio has had a huge impact on my life. School felt very uncertain because it was all new, but video editing is something I was sure of and felt confident doing. It’s been hugely motivating.”

Daniel has been so touched by his Shine Experience, that he said that one day he hopes he can give back to his community just like Shine did for him. His new tech gear will continue to grow his confidence and skills as he looks forward to trying new things. The possibilities for Daniel are endless.