Inclusivity in Esports and Streaming

Stream for Dreams is Shine's annual peer-to-peer streaming campaign. This inclusive fundraiser invites streamers to raise funds while streaming their regular content on Twitch, with donations supporting Shine Experiences. This event was born out of the idea that streaming can be an inclusive and diverse platform that is accessible to all, raise awareness and funds for Shine, and can connect Shine to a younger audience. 

Virtual streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube are showing positive trends towards inclusivity. As esports and streaming gains popularity from both players and spectators, people from diverse backgrounds can indulge their passion for gaming. Individuals can become part of a welcoming community of like-minded people who share interests regardless of physical appearance, health condition, or other barriers. 

Twitch is an online live-streaming platform anyone can watch. There is a variety of content available, from esports and video games like League of Legends or Fortnite, to music and ‘just chatting’ for streamers to create, follow, and connect with others. Unlike traditional sports, participating in esports and streaming opens the experience to anyone, as the emphasis lies on skill, strategy, and technique (, enabling people with disabilities to thrive based on their skills rather than physical abilities (Disability Horizons). 

Shine Experience recipient Hammas, shares that his new gaming PC and monitor from Shine has made a life-changing impact on his outlook. Instead of being stressed from school and teenage life, he now has a way to relax and take a break with gaming. He shared that he uses his system all the time to play his favourite games with friends and stay connected during pandemic lockdowns. 

Through Stream for Dreams, and by fulfilling tech-themed Shine Experiences, Shine appreciates the gaming and esports community, firmly believing in the future inclusivity of streaming.

Stream for Dreams receives donations through Tiltify. To learn more and participate in Stream for Dreams, marketing [at] sunshine [dot] ca (subject: Stream%20for%20Dreams) (email )our team.