Jocelyne Tunes into Greater Self-Acceptance

Fifteen-year-old Jocelyne is passionate about music. She and her dad bond over their love for timeless rock and classics like Elvis, The Beach Boys, and Motley Crue. Living with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a disease that weakens the body’s connective tissues and presents ongoing mobility and medical challenges, Jocelyne finds that music can be a positive and relaxing escape. 

At FM Audio in Brantford, Jocelyne was presented with her Shine Dream surrounded by family, Shine staff and supporters, as well as the owners of the store who all helped make her dream come true. She received a full audio entertainment system and media unit that will allow her to continue building her music library and listen seamlessly to her CDs, cassettes, vinyl records, and current streaming channels via Bluetooth technology. 

During the presentation, everyone was excited to witness Jocelyne opening her package to reveal items curated just for her: a Motley Crue tour sweater, a Bryan Adams book, a gift card to her favourite music store, and headphones. Jocelyne was over the moon with her new equipment and surprises. She feels that her passion for music will evolve into a successful future tied to the industry – just like her dad’s. 

Months after her Shine Dream, Jocelyne’s mom shared that the entire Shine process helped her daughter begin to accept her disability and share details with new friends. She is more confident and accepting of her identity as a person with a disability. This experience helped her realize that her daily pain and medical challenges were valid and worthy of the life-changing gift of a Shine Dream. She is more aware of what makes her ‘her’ and how to advocate for what she needs and feels in order to succeed, all thanks to the individualized process of a Shine Dream and supporters who make dreams like Jocelyne’s a reality.


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