Shining a Light on Accessibility

National AccessAbility Week, observed the last week of May, is a week of recognition of accessibility contributions across the country. It is a time to showcase the diverse set of initiatives to promote accessibility and create an accessible Canada. For Shine Dreamers, this is provided in the form of technology, accessible equipment, creative spaces, and so much more.

In honour of National AccessAbility Week, we are featuring a selection of Shine Dreams that demonstrate the necessary role that accessibility and inclusion play in communities across Canada. It is only with your support of Shine that we can continue to make accessible opportunities like these possible for young people living with severe physical disabilities. 

At the heart of every customized Shine Dream is an element of accessibility, either experienced directly or as an outcome. Until we live in a world where barriers no longer exist, there will always be a need for Shine to communicate our vision of true accessibility and inclusion for the young people we serve. 




Ainsley’s new tools help her shine in higher education
Seventeen-year-old Ainsley lives with a spinal cord injury and relies on technology to maintain her independence. She worked with Shine on a customized tech gear experience that would support her future in university. 

Ainsley no longer has access to the voice-speech dictation program that helped her through high school and needed to find and finance her own accessibility tools before entering her first year of studies. A new laptop, phone, tablet, and programs from Shine set her up for success. 

Knowing that this new tech gear would support her academic goals and future career greatly decreased her fears about entering the next chapter of her life. 

"I am less nervous and more at ease about the future now that I have the technology that will support in my success at school. That was a big area of concern for me. This technology really helps me to get ready and prepare for university, so it makes it feel more real. It's now so exciting to begin to plan for university. This is such a huge contributor to my future success and my educational aspirations."

Dyllan’s all-terrain rig boosts his mental health
Two years ago, at the age of fourteen, Dyllan was in an accident that resulted in a severe spinal cord injury and the loss of function in his legs. It was an incredible adjustment for him, and it took a major toll on his mental health. Having previously thrived on thrilling sports like dirt biking, hunting, ice fishing and other outdoor sports, he quickly discovered that his power wheelchair just wasn’t able to take him to the same places. 

Dyllan was referred to Shine by his care team and worked on a customized dream that would give him back the access to the things he loved. Dyllan chose an all-terrain rig that would get him through any rough terrain all year round. Although still modified, he can access the same outdoor activities and thrills alongside his friends which helps him be more optimistic about his bright future ahead.

Marie-Lou makes her accessible nail salon possible
Marie-Lou is a sixteen-year-old living with a spinal cord injury that affects all aspects of her daily life. Like most teenage girls, she is passionate about style and aesthetics, especially nail art.  Shine worked with Marie-Lou to bring her nail salon dream to life, and set up an accessible space in her home where she could run her very own nail studio and share her talents with her friends and family. 

Marie-Lou is now all set for a future full of possibilities in aesthetics with the equipment and online training program she needs to be successful. Impactful Shine Dreams like Marie-Lou’s nail bar support young people during a critical stage of their development so they can see a future full of opportunities, possibilities, and their valuable contribution to society rather than feeling limited by ongoing barriers and challenges.