The Toronto Blue Jays in Connor’s Back Yard

One mid-summer evening, sixteen-year-old Connor, who lives with a severe visual impairment, was guided into his back yard to the biggest surprise he could have ever imagined! Friends and family cheered, welcoming Connor to his Shine Experience to watch a Toronto Blue Jays baseball game together.

Connor knew that by sharing his passion with his favourite people, he would not only feel special for that day, but feel valued and give him a long-lasting boost of confidence that could inspire new goals and possibilities. 

“Woo Hoo!” Connor cheered as he learned his next surprise was a personalized Blue Jays Muskoka chair. His new ‘throne’ was posed front and center to a projection screen so he could soon watch the big game. As an avid (Toronto) sports fan, Connor was excited to share a fun night and couldn’t wait to dig into the baseball-themed snacks. Before the first bat, Connor opened a signed jersey from Auston Matthews of The Toronto Maple Leafs and a signed jersey and hat from The Toronto Blue Jays’ player George Springer. He even hugged his new autographed baseball by Vladimir Guerrero Jr. 

As the baseball game began, Connor sat beside his best friends and cousins to enjoy the rest of the night. He was so thrilled with his new swag that he wore it as long as he could. He gets to continue to watch games the rest of the year with an annual streaming subscription and a new PlayStation baseball video game. 

Much bigger than the sum of its parts, a Shine Experience can help young people think differently about their future, imagine new possibilities, and develop a sense of purpose that can last a lifetime. Connor’s backyard experience would never have been possible without the Shine supporters who believe in the life-changing effects of a Shine Experience. 

Help make futures shine bright. 


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