Veronica Takes to the Water

When Veronica first spoke with Shine, she dreamed about having a chipped tooth repaired which was damaged in an accident when she was younger. The chip had long affected her confidence and self esteem. Shine connected with Veronica’s team of Dentists to have the entire process completed pro-bono. With her smile and confidence restored, Veronica could now focus on her future. Veronica inquired about assistance for tuition for college, but with a few phone calls, Shine discovered that her tuition would mostly be covered due to her disability. With these two visions looked after, Veronica was able to focus her Shine Experience to being back on the water.  

In the September 2021, Veronica took to the water for the first time in years and was absolutely delighted by the sense of freedom it gave her. With her home near Victoria Island, water sports always beckoned her. But living with a vision condition and juvenile rheumatoid arthritis limited her opportunity for impromptu water adventures.  Now, thanks to the Shine Foundation, Veronica can step out her door and paddle any time her heart desires, with her own new kayak, a paddle board, and accompanying water accessories. 

On her Shine Day, she was super excited to cut her favourite lemon cake in her new wet suit and according to her mother, Alba, “she did not want to take off the wet suit at all!” 

Veronica and her mother love the ocean, as it is their happy place where they can get lost in the waves, and just relax. As per Alba, "Veronica would live in the ocean if she could.”  They expressed that thanks to this Shine Experience, they now have more freedom to explore the water using their new gear and can join in the community of paddle boarders and Kayakers and meet new people who share the same passion as them. The best part is that being in the water has immensely helped in reducing Veronica's joint flare-ups and has been a great grounding tool. 

This Shine Experience has helped Veronica revive her passion of being closer to her happy place in the ocean.